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Product State :   Brand New
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₦200,000 NGN

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LeadBoard Smart interactive whiteboard is a powerful tool needed in the classrooms for better interactivity and collaboration which allows the integration of media content into the learning process. Lead Board smart interactive display board is designed with advanced infrared technology for smooth writing without breakup, loaded with primary/high school resources, formulas, graphics, diagrammes, charts and images for easy facilitation. 

LeadBoard smart interactive display board is stylishly designed with a flat aluminum frame which will add an aesthetic appeal to your classrooms and boardroom. You'll definitely love the slick user interface, extraordinary features, and amazing performance. Is it highly durable and pocket-friendly.

  • Multitouch: support single or ten persons write on the board simultaneously.
  • Aluminum honeycomb panel and alloy frame, nice looking, strong and durable.
  • Coated by Nanomaterial, anti-reflection, anti-glare, the marker can write and erase.
  • Detachable design for infrared frame and board, convenient for maintenance.
  • Movable stands and stands with a projector arm equipped with a whiteboard. (Optional)
  • Can replace mouse completely, support click, double click, and right-click functions.
  • Network capability: many pics of an interactive whiteboard can be connected via the internet. users can communicate online and share the same information.
  • Export function: the contents on the board can be exported and opened with various formats: an image file, PowerPoint file, word file, Excel file, PDF file, and HTML files to enhance versatility.
  • Send e-mail function: Contents can be sent by email as EPS, PDF, and PPT attachment.
  • Various types of pens selection: pen, pencil, brush, smartpen, highlighter.
  • Various writing pages selection: white page, black page, picture page, and desktop page.
  • Support marking and editing in Office software: PP, EXCEL, etc.
  • Multimedia player: play various format files: WMV, AVI, asf, mpg. Can Mark and intercept the playing file. Record function: Voice and writing process can be recorded and saved on the computer which is convenient for review.

Why you should buy from us

  • Lead Board is designed to last: it can stand the test of time no matter the weather or the environment, eduboard has proven to be reliable.
  • eduBoard is powered with advanced infrared technology: easy to write on with no breakups up to 10 users.
  • We offer free training to all our customers.
  • We have trained sales engineers to follow up aftersales and to make sure you maximize your board. 
  • We have a repair and maintenance department should the need arise. Most of the board cannot be repaired when technical issues occur.
  • Our board is finger friendly: This means that you can write on the board with your finger, stylus pen or any opaque object. No pen no fear.
  • We provide advanced teachers training on the use of the latest teaching software on the board (Optional)
  • eduBoard is very durable with a 24-month warranty.
  • You can use smart notebook on the board etc.


  • Best user-friendly interactive board
  • One time simple calibration
  • Share files, edit, print, import or export files
  • Write smoothly(no breakage on writing)
  • Very Durable and rugged( best hardware award)
  • Flexible software (accept other educational software of your choice)
  • Real-time recording
  • Accept finger and stylus pen ( no need for redundancy without pen)
  • No  maintenance needed
  • Plug and Play
  • loaded with teaching resources
  • Loaded with Excel sheet, PowerPoint, Infographics and much more
  • Different colour of pen
  • 1years warranty
  • Free training on how to effectively maximize your board

Other benefits of owing  eduboard smart Interactive display board  are outlined below:

Information Display
Lead Board Interactive board in the classroom can be used by lecturers, teachers or presenters to improve the quality of the presentation contents. This can easily be achieved by creating an array of material into a lesson e.g. a picture from the internet, text derived from a Microsoft Word file, graphs from spreadsheets and teacher and student annotations on the objects. Interactive whiteboards projector display accurate pictures and lesson and students are far better-engaged than chalkboards or even the conventional projector-screen and marker whiteboards combination.

Lessons can be recorded
One of the advantages of using an eduboard interactive display board in the educational system is the ability to record every lesson. Every lesson can be recorded and playback or even printed and shared among students. Lecturers/teachers can use this feature to record their notes and lesson activities and be able to build for themselves overtime a resource for future purposes. Several interactive whiteboards software comprise of screen recording tools that lecturers can use to capture and provide previous lessons to students whenever necessary.

Availability of Resources
Lead Board interactive display boards in the classroom is encouraged because there are many flash files available on the internet that can be used by teachers and lecturers to deliver effective lessons. The use of such resources are beneficial in education as its benefits are to save both efforts and time while enhancing learning outcomes.

Resource Sharing
The use of this board in teaching allows the computer to become some sort of a shared resource. This eliminates crowding or jostling of students around a small screen in an attempt to observe a demonstration by a teacher. This means that the eduboard interactive whiteboard can enable students to easily access material from the comfort of their seats. And moreover, this information can be shared instantly as the lesson is going on, the sharing of the information can be either on softcopy or on a hardcopy whichever the students prefer.

The use of eduboard interactive board in the classroom allows students to actively engage with teaching material, receive instant feedback on the current subject and manipulate learning objects. It enables the lecturer/teacher to sit at the computer with a student on the whiteboard and the class contributing ideas and offering suggestions. It basically promotes interactive teaching.

Styles of Learning
Among the top uses of an eduboard interactive whiteboard in education is to successfully accommodate different learning styles. This is because of recording tools can be utilized for audio learners, the board can be touched and manipulated by tactile learners and visual learners can easily track whatever that is happening as a lesson proceeds.

Access to the Internet
Lead Board interactive whiteboards in the classroom gives the opportunity for immediate access to any content on the internet. This is beneficial because questions can be answered instantly through a Google search as audio, video, and images are all easily accessible. Many teaching sites can be visited and students benefit from that in a greater way. This can make learning fun.

One of the uses of this tool in education that is usually taken for granted is its capability to preserve lessons, notes, and discussions. Such material can easily be accessed afterward. Saving concepts and ideas that had been extensively covered in a previous lesson means that students can easily access the content so as to refresh their knowledge. Furthermore, students who were absent when the lessons were covered for one reason or the other can get an opportunity to access the material to go through what was previously covered. Some of the teachers’ inspiration and emphases during the teaching process can be saved which is not possible on the conventional marker board.

 Education via games such as rearranging jumbled texts/ objects or drag and match is possible using
Lead Board . This is mostly applicable to the education of very young students including adults. We have free interactive learning software that will help the student learn grammar, pronunciation, spelling, mathematics, sciences, etc.

eduboard smart Interactive display boards have different patterns that can be used to lay emphasis on a single word or even a group of words. It uses movements and colour among other techniques to do this. Furthermore, the distinctive part of the eduboard interactive whiteboard’s screen is that it has an effective hideaway feature. You can use different colours of the pen to emphasize on a subject matter, you can use spotlight, magic pen, etc.


Do you know that you can use eduboard smart interactive board to teach the student how to draw perfect diagrams, which is to say that every department can benefit from the use of interactive whiteboard in the process of learning? Use an interactive board to identify student ability in art and sketching.


Widely used in schools, enterprise meeting, military, medical, etc. Won a good reputation both at home and overseas with good quality, reasonable price, and excellent sale service. eduboard systems and technologies board the professional provider of multimedia teaching facilities.

The 21st Century has provided ample opportunities for business growth and development and Ifexes Store Multimedia Links is on top of the situation to provide high-quality products and services to our clients at an affordable price.

We seek to engage your organization and add value based on your requirements. We look forward to your invitation with the opportunity to show you at no cost how these items can help your students stand out and as well boost your brand value.

We are committed to our client’s satisfaction and our mission centers on waste elimination, by offering quality and reliable audio-visual products, modern teaching aids and IT solutions.

Review on how Lead Interactive board functions




1. Gracious alumium frames and corners design .

2. Mature IR touch technology , performance more steady .
3. 10 Points touch , 10 users can write at the same time .
4. Smart structural design , easy to maintain if have problem .
5. Education teaching software will provide you by free .
6. EduBoard is avaiable , ect .,






83inch 4:3

Touch Technology

Infrared Touch

Touch Points

10 Points Touch


USB2.0 or USB3.0

External size


Active area


Package size


Net weight


Gross weight





Linearity Error


Responsible time


Response Speed


Input Method

Finger, teaching point, or opaque objects

Touch Times


Touch Activation Force

No minimum touch activation force is required with IR touch technology

Minimum Touch Object




Operating: -20°C ~ 70°C

Storage: -40°C ~ 85°C

Relative Humidity

Operating: 90%(noncondensing at max 40°C)

Storage: 90%(noncondensing at max 40°C)


Up to 7,000m

Life Time

At least 7-year


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